My Rights Begin Where Yours End...

I don't want to enter a controversial subject with this post. Everyday we see in the news, internet and newspaper a new article about Rights violation, whether it is from religion, community, race, sex or sexual orientation, the article talks about how these rights are being violated. I'm not here to talk about who is right or wrong, or to judge and point fingers at anyone. Because I believe strongly in human rights, and the rights that every living person should have. The problem is the media has taken sides depending on what is trending stronger, and created more backlash and more tension between people. 

I am a very unbiased person, and I try to stay open to anything possible, because I believe in a world where we all get along and we all love each other no matter what. Because a close community is a community that can work together, on other issues that are more important and more crucial than some other things.  Unfortunately we do not live in a world such as this; we live in a world where there is hate, crime and violence towards certain people. The main problem I am seeing more and more every single day is the violation of rights of a certain group to appease another group, and that is a real problem. Again I'm not going to use this post to take sides or express anything but unbiased information. 

If group A wants all kids in school to do skydiving because they think that should be on every school program, but group B opposes to this because their beliefs are that skydiving for children is incorrect then group A should respect that. The problem is that is not how things go. Usually group A wants everyone to accept skydiving and case closed. While group B fight for the rights to protect their children against skydiving. I know this is a bit of a silly example, but again I don't want to get into specific groups. 

When someone believes something so bad and so strong in their minds, as long as that belief is not affecting anyone around them, then that person has the right in my mind to keep believing and acting the way they do. When another person comes along saying that they need to change the way they think because that way is incorrect how do we determine who is violating whose rights? And that is the core of the problem. We cannot justify our beliefs on the rights of another's human beliefs. And we see it everyday, with every single passing day more and more groups fight for rights and take another's group rights away. 

We are a society, and I believe like anything else we evolve. But the issue here is that we are evolving in what some see the "correct way" so are we going to take the rights away from a certain group of people for the "right cause"? So then we didn't evolve for the better- we evolved to go back to square one. That would be like taking a longer road to avoid a traffic jam and then at the end of this "shortcut" there is another traffic jam. We are resolving a problem and creating another one at the same time. 

We need to stop and think at what we are doing, we are humans capable of love and compassion and understanding. We need to stop hating each other and pushing ideals into other people. We need to live our lives and respect others, not live through the eyes of someone else. We need to love each other, because we never know if that person we hate ends up being the person that gives us a hand in the end. So remember, my rights begin where yours end.